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Fighting Tofu

Last year I started off very bravely. It was my time to write that great script. I was on fire! But somehow the fire went out – again. Then a friend stuck a book in my hands. “Read this!” And I did.

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Write That Book

…or tell that story. There are most certainly people out there who need to read or hear it. Writer’s block is just your ego and fear feeding you lies. So when will you stop listening to that voice and start listening to your heart? The founder of the Get Your Book Done program, Christine Kloser, said something…

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Unleashing Miracles

Sometimes all it takes is a group of likeminded people. “To do what?”, you may ask. To help you find your way again. This Spring I’ve attended two workshops called ”Unleashing Miracles” and now I feel excited about myself and my life. I know I’m doing what I’m supposed to do be doing. Jobina Bardai…

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