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I am a writer. I want to tell stories about people, relationships and dreams. I want to write about hope, light, friendship and love. And I want to encourage you to follow your dreams and your heart. I want to create a happy world, even if it’s only my own.

My name is Ingrid and I live in Berlin. I am Swedish born and bred, but in 2013 I became a Berliner. I happened to fall in love with this vibrant and creative city. (It seems like nothing is impossible in Berlin.)

So here I am, doing my best to be vibrant and creative myself.

Since I moved to Berlin I’ve felt a strong urge to write. I didn’t know why or about what, but the feeling never left me alone. I’ve tried to ignore it and I’ve tried to go with it, it’s been a struggle all the same. With myself.

This blog is a way for me to share what I’ve learned these past few years. And still am learning. If you’re curious, please follow me on my journey.

Love & Light

~ Ingrid ~

My Pet Subjects

1) Writing to me is a calling. I want to write about writing, films, books, ideas, people and subjects that inspire me. I want to share my dreams and projects with you, dear reader. And share my thoughts about the fear – and shear joy – of writing and being creative. Let’s enjoy the experience together. Common, let’s write!

2) Dreams – to follow them and my heart – is very important to me. Without dreams life is grey and dull. Without purpose there is no meaning. When we connect to our hearts and souls things start to change. I look for signs, that “right feeling” in my gut, I look for what makes me happy, and how to fulfil my life purpose. I believe it’s only through listening to our souls that we can be truly happy. I hope my experiences can inspire and help people connect, to themselves and to others.

3) Berlin is a pretty obvious choice. It’s where I live and it’s a fascinating city, with both a colourful and gruesome past. Berlin and the people living here inspire me. And inspiration is exactly what a writer needs. Voilà!

All content on this website, i.e. texts and photos (if it doesn’t say otherwise) © Ingrid Carlsson, 2021