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Category: Resent Thoughts


The sun rides over open fields . A turquoise ocean splashes background . Eternity is ticktocking over the mountains . Dusk falls, . One turquoise drop at a time . The elephant rests, . In the stillness of the wind . The night breathes   Some sort of poem based on the word “turquoise”. Written…

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Wanting to Be Seen

Why are people creative and artistic? What draws them into that field? I watched a clip with actor Colin Firth and had to laugh. His description of an actor fits me like a glove. Not that I’m an actor, but maybe all artists really are confused people – in constant identity crisis – looking for…

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Longing For Peace

It’s very peaceful in my home right now: the balcony door is open, I hear birds chirping, the wind in the trees, and the sun is shining through the leaves. I smell the scent of the blossoming linden trees in the air. My outside world matches my inside – but that’s not always the case. I…

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Swedish at Heart

Since I moved to Berlin I have thought about nationality, and what makes you feel connected to the country you were born in. Of course language, family and friends are part of the package, but in my case I don’t find traditions especially important. I see myself as a kind of free spirit, but I can’t deny…

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