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Happy Birthday To Me

It’s my birthday today. Yay! Do you look back on your life every year, on your birthday or perhaps on New Year’s Eve? Are you grateful for your achievements? Do you remember to thank yourself? I try to be grateful for being me – every day, not just on special occasions. I know what it’s…

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Your Dream Is Important

I think we all have a dream – at least one – but it may be hard to discover. Often it’s hidden deep within, and is difficult to find because of the old junk covering it: patterns, habits, feelings, thoughts, social programmings. Sometimes we are afraid to even acknowledge our dream. A treasure must be…

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Do the Work

When my fear of writing gets too strong I procrastinate by looking for interesting articles on Facebook. I follow groups, people and organisations in various creative fields, and at least one of them always delivers. I find exactly what I need to read – in that moment – to get me going again. This Steven…

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Unleashing Miracles

Sometimes all it takes is a group of likeminded people. “To do what?”, you may ask. To help you find your way again. This Spring I’ve attended two workshops called ”Unleashing Miracles” and now I feel excited about myself and my life. I know I’m doing what I’m supposed to do be doing. Jobina Bardai…

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