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Universe – Show Me Something Beautiful

Today I took care of me. I was recently reminded of the relationship I have with Berlin, with the city itself. Like a dear friend it always cheers me up when I’m down. Walking around, watching people, taking in the sights, the views, the noise, the smells. Berlin never lets me down. It always delivers.…

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Dream Or Illusion?

We all know the importance of positive thinking and an optimistic mindset. But I’m sure most of us have a problem with that once and again. When you feel stuck and ”nothing” positive seems to happen in your life, it’s easy to start doubting. Am I a failure, or on the right track? About 7…

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Dating Sites

Yes, et tu Brute. I have tried it. Twice. Do I have to say it? Okay. I hated it. Hated it! It’s like window shopping for a partner. Will this one go with my new jacket? Oh no, I can’t wear heels with this one. Married? Really. Well at least he was honest about it.…

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