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Let Yourself Be Inspired

We all feel lost at times, wondering who we really are and what we want to do with our lives. I don’t like being lost at sea, particularly if it’s a sea of self pity. Who wants to spend time there? But when it happens anyway it’s such a joy to find inspiration, something to push me back to the safe shore…

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The sun rides over open fields . A turquoise ocean splashes background . Eternity is ticktocking over the mountains . Dusk falls, . One turquoise drop at a time . The elephant rests, . In the stillness of the wind . The night breathes   Some sort of poem based on the word ”turquoise”. Written…

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Do the Work

When my fear of writing gets too strong I procrastinate by looking for interesting articles on Facebook. I follow groups, people and organisations in various creative fields, and at least one of them always delivers. I find exactly what I need to read – in that moment – to get me going again. This Steven…

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Get to Know Your Fear

Fear is horrible. It might do us some good if we are in a life threatening situation and need to flee. But most of the time we fear silly things in everyday life, such as going to a party, having to make an important phone call, trying something new, making a presentation at work etc. Like…

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Fighting Tofu

Last year I started off very bravely. It was my time to write that great script. I was on fire! But somehow the fire went out – again. Then a friend stuck a book in my hands. “Read this!” And I did.

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Write That Book

…or tell that story. There are most certainly people out there who need to read or hear it. Writer’s block is just your ego and fear feeding you lies. So when will you stop listening to that voice and start listening to your heart? The founder of the Get Your Book Done program, Christine Kloser, said something…

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